How to beat bosses in Minecraft

Minecraft's world is infinite and full of many biomes and creatures. Mobs can be found almost everywhere in Minecraft.

You can divide these entities into several categories depending on their nature, such as passive, neutral, hostile, boss mobs, or hostile.

Boss mobs, hostile mobs, are extremely rare. Due to their hostile nature, they are the most vicious mobs in the game and will always behave aggressively towards players.

It is difficult to defeat boss mobs. Even Minecrafters who have been playing for a while will need good armor and weapons.

Minecraft now has two boss mobs: the Ender Dragon, the famous Ender Dragon, and the Wither, the fierce Wither.

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is a flying creature that flies around Obsidian pillars of the End dimension. There is only one Ender Dragon that can be spawned naturally in each world. Players can summon more once they defeat it.

The Ender Dragon is able to gain two hundred health points (hundreds of hearts) in the game. Players must destroy the ender crystal at the top of each pillar to defeat the dragon. It heals the dragon whenever it flies near it.

Although players can still kill the dragon with all 12 end crystals intact it will be much more difficult.

The naturally spawned Ender Dragon will drop twelve thousand XP points upon death. When the Ender Dragon defeats, a dragon egg appears at the top of the exit portal.


The Wither doesn't spawn naturally, unlike the Ender Dragon. It can be spawned by placing four soul sand blocks or soul soil blocks into a T-shape, and then stacking three wither skulls on top of the blocks.

The Java Edition's Wither has three hundred health point, while the Bedrock Edition has twice as many.

The primary purpose of summoning the Wither to be killed is the drop of an item. A nether star is obtained by killing the Wither. This is the key ingredient to crafting a beacon.

Tips for defeating boss mobs

For beginners, it might seem difficult to face these mobs head-to-head. These are some tips to help you defeat the ender dragon or the wither.

Use potions

Many potions in Minecraft can easily alter the outcome of a battle. The Splash Potion of Harming and Potion of Strength are some potions that can be used to aid players.

It is recommended that players bring a water bucket and some Potion for Slow Falling when facing the Ender Dragon. These items can reduce the amount of damage players suffer if they fall from one of the end pillars.

The Wither is your Trap

Players can summon the Withers to trap it at the Overworld's bedrock levels. It can be trapped once it is inside, making it much easier to defeat.