Guide to wolf taming in Minecraft

Wolves are one the oldest mobs in Minecraft. They have been managed by players almost their entire tenure. Wolves can be used as extra damage dealers and safety nets to keep hostile mobs away. They can also help players explore the darkest corners of the world's caves, or even continue their exploration at night. They are also a charming addition to any cozy-themed building or base.

Although much of the game has evolved or become more complicated, the wolf is still easy to tame. They are still easy to handle, as they were when they were introduced into the game.

Minecraft 1.18 How to Tame Wolves

Locating wolves

There are many biomes where wild wolves can be found:

Packs of four wolves will spawn, with 10% of all spawned Wolves becoming pups. The naturally-born wolves can be controlled by any player, provided that no one is attacking any of their packs. The entire pack will become hostile and chase after the player.

Taming wolves

Once wolves are found, they can be controlled with bone. Only wild wolves are allowed to receive bones. Tamed wolves cannot accept bones. A wild wolf's chance of being tamed is 33% for each bone. The wolf will be given a collar upon taming. In the Java Edition, the wolf will also sit down if it is not swimming. You can dye the collar any color you like.

There is no limit on the number of wolves a player can keep, so it's possible to build an army of fuzzy friends. However, wolves may accidentally attack each other when they try to reach a mob. This can lead to fights between tamed packs of wolves.

If the player is not sitting, the wolf will follow them and attack the mobs they are attacking or vice versa. The wolf can be teleported into blocks like glass or half-blocks if the player is too far from it (12 blocks). This means they can teleport to walls or under ice, and then suffocate, either getting injured or dying.

How to keep tamed wolves sane

The tail of a tamed wolf should be closely monitored by players. The tamed wolf's tail is a visual indicator of its health. Higher up wolves are healthier than lower ones. You can heal this health damage by eating any meat food item in the game for Bedrock or any other meat for Java players.