Guide to Bastion remnants

Bastion Remnants are one of the most dangerous areas in Minecraft. It's located in the Nether realm, and it is home to Piglins (and Piglin Brutes), which are powerful hostile mobs. Before entering these areas, players must be prepared.

Bastion Remnants, which look like castles in Minecraft, are found in all Nether biomes except Basalt Deltas. They can be generated in different types of structures with different types of chest loot. These structures are where native piglins and brutes spawn. These structures can be quite scary, but there are ways to survive within them.

How to win and survive in Minecraft Bastion Remnants

Always wear Golden Boots

Piglins can attack players if they enter the Bastion. If players don't wear anything made from gold, this can happen. Piglins are fond of gold so players should always have at least one piece of gold armor to stop them from becoming hostile.

Players must remember, however, that PiglinBrutes will not be affected by the use of gold boots and will still attack players.

Looting chests of gold and silver

Once players have entered the Bastion, chest loot will be scattered throughout the structure. The problem is that Piglins will attack players if they try to steal their chests.

Players can then dig a hole under the chest to get the loot without Piglins getting to them. Players can use the same technique to loot their gold blocks. However, players need to be careful. You can also place a hopper under the chest to transfer all loot, without having to open the chest.

Fighting Piglin Brutes

The most dangerous mob in the Nether is the Piglin Brutes. They won't be distracted by gold and will attack any player no matter what. Players should use shields to stop their powerful axe attacks. You can kill them with a ranged gun, which is the best way to defeat them.

Ender pearls and Keep Fire resistance potions

The Bastion can be a tricky place to fight and loot, and players may get sucked into the lava. In these situations, the fire resistance potion is a great help. The potion can protect players from being burned and the ender pearls can help them return to a solid block.