Best xp farms in Minecraft

The level curve for Minecraft Dungeons is quite simple. You can earn hero points by leveling up, which is a great way unlock and upgrade enchantments.

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler and action RPG that offers a variety of farming options. You can do this by defeating large numbers of enemies mobs, not worrying too much about bosses; however speedrunning bosses will give you decent XP.

Some situations allow players to take out enemy mobs even while they are not actively playing, thus racking up experience and gaining experience while doing other things. There are certain levels that you should look into when farming to earn experience.

5) Highblock Halls

Highblock Halls is far from the best place to farm XP in Minecraft Dungeons. However, it does have some things going for him. It lacks big bosses, and is rife in hostile mobs.

This stage and Cacti canyon can be a good location for XP farming.

4) Desert Temple

The Desert Temple is a level that's standard in many ways. However, there's one mob in Minecraft Dungeons which makes it a good spot to farm XP. Even at the base difficulty, this level spawns necromancers.

Players can continue to kill summons as long as necromancers remain alive. This level will become obsolete as necromancers can be found everywhere at Apocalypse difficulty. This level is still an excellent place for beginners to learn XP farming.

Redstone Mines

Redstone Mines are one of the most interesting locations in Minecraft Dungeons. There are many mob spawners scattered throughout the level. These spawners will continue to pop up enemies until the hero stops them. This makes the Redstone Mines a great spot for XP farming, even at higher difficulty levels.

These enemies are usually weak zombies, making them easier to farm than necromancer-generated creatures.

2) Pumpkin Pastures

Pumpkin Pastures is a solid AFK XP farmable resource in Minecraft Dungeons, even though it might not be immediately obvious. In particular, the area where the hero must pull 2 levers close to a drawbridge is where it's most important. Instead of pulling levels as normal, allow mobs to attack and spawn.

Many Minecraft Dungeons players choose to bring summons to this encounter, such as iron golems through the Golem Kit. The golems are able to wipe out any oncoming enemies provided that the hero is safe. The hostile mobs will continue rolling in as long as they aren't pulled.

1) Secret Cow Level

The Secret Cow Level of Minecraft Dungeons, a nod to the Diablo II or III level of the same type, is still one of my favorite spots for killing mobs and earning XP. Mooshrooms are the only enemy available to you, except for the boss.

These mobs are easy to drop, even when compared with other mobs in this game. To gain experience, players should be able to mowing down large numbers of Mooshrooms. For decent XP, the boss can be defeated. However, it is easier to just wipe out all Mooshrooms then restart the level when there are none left.