Best subanautic enchantments in Minecraft

Minecraft offers a wide range of enchantments. To make their tools, weapons, and armor more powerful, players can use power-ups. You can use enchantments to help you underwater.

Minecraft maps have many water bodies. There are vast oceans, rivers, and seas. These water bodies are able to live their own lives. These water bodies can be home to many living entities as well as mysterious structures that players can explore. Players may have problems in water so there are enchantments for water.

Top 5 Minecraft Enchantments that Are Water-Related

There are many enchantments that can be used in Minecraft to help players in different ways. Here are five of the best water-related Minecraft Enchantments.

5) Aqua Affinity

This is a water-related ability that allows players to mine faster underground. However, it cannot be used on helmets. This enchantment only has one level. This is useful for players who want to build an underwater structure and need to remove the blocks.

4) Luck of the Sea

The enchantment can be used to fish, but not underwater. You can fish in Minecraft using a fishing rod to get all kinds of items from water bodies. This enchantment allows players to fish more efficiently and get better loot. There are three enchantment powers that increase your chances of obtaining treasure loot by 2% each level.

3) Depth Strider

Depth Strider can be used to enchant players' boots in order to quickly navigate through water. This enchantment increases underwater movement speed. Frost Walker enchantment cannot be combined with this enchantment.

2) Frost Walker

Frost Walker is a rare treasure-enchantment that can't be obtained by an enchanting tableau. You can find it in chest loot or through a librarian villager. It turns nearby water blocks into frozen ice, so players can walk on water. This enchantment comes in two levels. Magma blocks can be used to protect players from taking damage.

1) Respiration

The reason players are unable to explore the oceans as much is that they cannot breathe underwater. The Respiration Enchantment can be used to extend players' underwater breath. It can be used on helmets. Each level increases the time that players breathe underwater by 15 seconds.