Best protection enchantment

There are four Protection enchantments that Minecraft players have access to. It can be difficult to know which one is best.

There are four Protection enchantments currently available in Minecraft: Protection, Blast protection, Fire protection, and Projectile protection. Each of these enchantments has a maximum rank up to four (IV), and three of them provide specialized protection. The main Protection enchantment reduces armor damage by reducing it.

What Protection enchantments work well in Minecraft?

It really boils down to the protection that players desire. Because it can reduce most damage, Ordinary Protection IV is difficult to beat. But what if the player is in flames? What happens if the player is being attacked by arrows? What if they are being pelted by arrows from hostile mobs or other players? Here are specialized enchantments that can help.

Below is a breakdown of each Protection enchantment for Minecraft players:

Protection from Blasts

This reduces damage and knockback from explosions. The enchantment reduces damage by 8% and knockback by 15%.

Fire Protection

All forms of fire damage that aren't normally absorbed by armor is reduced. Each rank offers an additional 8% protection. Traditional Survival Mode players can get a maximum 32% protection per armor piece. Fire Protection in Minecraft: Java Edition also reduces how long a player spends lighting fire by 15% each level.

Protect your projectiles

It reduces damage from arrows and thrown tridents, llama spat, shulker bullets and fireballs from blazes. If they have a direct effect on the player, it reduces the damage of projectiles from ghasts or the Wither. Similar to Fire Protection, the damage is reduced by 8% for each level. The armor pieces are limited to 32%.

While Protection IV is often regarded as the best because it provides 8% damage reduction per Level, there are many damage types that armor alone won't be able to account for. The best thing about the specialized Protection Enchantments in Minecraft is their ability to remain contextual.

Standard Protection is the best option for general use. However, players may want to match their enchantments with their armor depending on the type of action they intend to see.